Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Equinox Sunrise

16 folks walked up a hill to stand in observance
one of the old gods rising.
Silence so strong you could touch it.
Standing, waiting...... Will the sun ever rise again?
We stand here for all eternity in this moment waiting.

The crow flew overhead with his raucous caw caw
breaking the early morning silence.
The world is asleep except for us it seems.
Us few folk and the forest.
The spirits of place are watchful too,
mindful of this sacred moment.

The lark flew nearby, hovering.
Wings beating and singing the sun up
to rise from his slumbering depths.
The moon is dark right now.
She hides her face from us all
veiled in this timeless moment.

Memories of the fire last night rise up.
Sharing a part of my soul with the flame.
I search to find the inner warmth in memory.
Find a way to escape from the bone chilling cold
that has taken over my body.
Bones rattle in that eternal wait.
Snatches of words drift past my mind.
Will the sun ever rise again...

Clouds are gathered on the far horizon.
Yet still the folks stand in silence, watching.
Sharing this moment is a gift to treasure.
The sky turns blue from grey in a moment
and the god light branches out in rays.
Suddenly we see his face.
Joy rises like liquid gold reflected
from the sky.

A libation is poured and shared.
Bread is broken in a sacred comunion
and scattered on the earth.
A kiss and a hug are exchanged
as someone celebrates the day
they too were born.
Someone starts to sing.
A timeless chant without words.

16 folks on a hill in observance of
one of the old gods rising.

We share that space with each other forever
in my mind and heart.

Helen Caladhiel

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