Thursday, 12 March 2009

New hobby

Well I have a new hobby :-D

After sitting for an afternoon just thinking recently, I realised I missed music and more importantly playing music. Not that I was ever any good at it previously. I did try to learn an instrument a few years ago but I had to stop due to some severe life circumstances at the time, and music lessons were not something my family could afford when I was a child, so it was only as an adult that I had my first try at learning. 

But anyway, I realised how much I missed my music lessons and practicing, (missed it like a physical ache), so I decided to try again. Ten years on from my first venture into learning I now have a 34 string folk harp and I am having lessons.

To say I am loving them would be an understatement! I am aching from my neck down to my finger tips from over enthusiastic practicing hehehehe!

I thought I might be too old to learn now at 37 years old, but I am having so much fun, its amazing!

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