Thursday, 12 March 2009


Deep within a sacred space.
A small flame burns inside.
A drumbeat growing louder, louder.
I feel the need to ride the sound.

The sacred space grows stronger, outward.
Revealing more of my true need.
I follow the drumbeat steady, louder.
It seems to come from beneath the ground.

Down the snaking spiral, flying.
Across the pathways in my mind.
I make the sacred journey stronger.
Riding rhythms that spin and glide.

Faster and faster, wilder and wilder.
Red hair flying, wind on my skin
Singing, chanting, spinning, dancing.
I am the wildness from within.

The flame grows stronger,
ever deeper.
I journey on inside my mind.
Weaving, wailing, burning, keening.
I feel my roots now my spirit flies.

Darker and darker, deeper and deeper.
I find my centre and hold it, still.
Bathed within the silent darkness.
I feel a rich, dark death begin.

Returning now, along the spiral.
Back in my space, I pause and breathe.
An eternal moment holds me closely.
I feel my home upon this land.

Helen Caladhiel '07

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